Burial Ground Survey

Whittingehame Church is situated close to the northern boundary of the former parish which stretches southwards into the Lammermuir Hills.

Following the completion, in 1998, of the recording of all 743 gravestones in the Prestonkirk churchyard, the survey team, since renamed The Parish of Traprain Burial Grounds Survey Group, embarked on a new venture to create a similar record for Whittingehame graveyard which nestles in the shade of the pretty Gothic kirk there.

In total, 173 monuments were recorded, including some 17th Century stones originally sited at the former parish church and graveyard near Whittingehame Tower and then moved to the present churchyard after the new church was built in 1722.

photo of stone 123 photo of stone 64
Dated 1668, this is one of
the earliest stones in the graveyard.
Another early stone carved
with several symbols of mortality.

As with Prestonkirk, the comprehensive survey involved recording not just the monumental inscriptions, but also the details of each stone, its dimensions, materials, types of carving and condition, and each stone was photographed to complete the record. All of this information was entered into a computer database to form an electronic version of the record.

Once again, drawings of the church and a few of the more interesting stones have been used to illustrate the publications of the group.

drawing of stone 35 drawing of stone 91
This 18th Century stone commemorates
the short lives of John and Margrat Wolfe.
Symbols of mortality and an emblem
of the weaver's trade decorate this stone.

The complete archive is held at the Royal Commission for the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (part of Historic Environment Scotland since October 2015), and also at the Local History Centre in Haddington.

An index of surnames contains links to the inscriptions referring to each surname recorded, while queries by Email for further details of the record will be answered as far as possible.

Follow this link if you would like to know where to find us.

The survey team wish to acknowledge the following organisations for their financial and practical assistance:

The Earl of Balfour
The Very Rev. W. Roy Sanderson, formerly Minister of Stenton and Whittingehame
East Lothian Council
The Royal Bank of Scotland
The Kirk Session of the Parish of Traprain
The Girl Guides Association
Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Dunbar
Historic Scotland
Royal Commission for the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland

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