Items of Interest

The stained glass in the westernmost window of the south wall is a fanciful depiction of St Baldred, created by William Wilson in 1959. In 1998 the memorial stained glass windows from the former St Andrew's Church (also by William Wilson) were re-installed in the two remaining south facing windows.

St Baldred stained glass
The'St Baldred' window. A detail of one of the windows from St. Andrew's Church.

Carved Stones

angel Numerous carved stones have been found, that have no doubt come from the demolished nave of the medieval church. Two in particular are of fifteenth-century date and come from a fine vaulted ceiling, possibly part of a porch added to the nave. One has an angel bearing a cartouche on which would have been written a saying from Scripture.
The other has a 'green man', a medieval symbol of fertility; the greenery is seen sprouting forth from his mouth. green man

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