Priests and Ministers of Prestonkirk

The Middle AgesFrom the Reformation
to the Disruption
From the Disruption
to the Present
c.1127Blahan1560-1583George Hepburn1843-1876James Porteous
c.1188William1586-1596Robert Hepburn1876-1918Thomas Marjoribanks
c.1296Richard1597-1618Edward Hepburn1918-1955Richard Clayton Corrie
c.1324Thomas de Gordon1619-1669John Dalzell1957-1960Robert Maule Brown
c.1424Alexander de Cairns1670-1671John Darngavel1961-1974John Grant Levack
c.1463Patrick Hepburn1671-1679George Shiels1974-1986Kenneth Hughes
c.1492Gavin Douglas1679-1680Gilbert Rule1986- 1998James B. Lawson
   1493-?John Irland1680-1689George Shiels  
c.1543Nicol Crichton1689-1691John Harvie  
   1548-1560George Hepburn1692-1702John Forrest  
  1702-1732Thomas Findlay  
  1734-1768Matthew Reid  
  1768-1808Daniel MacQueen  
  1809-1841James Thomson  
  1841-1843John Thomson  

Ministers in the Other Churches in the Parish

United Presbyterian ChurchSt. Andrews Free ChurchUnited Free Church
1795-1827Hugh Jamieson1843-1889John Thomson1910-1920Duncan Blair
1827-1863George Paterson1876-1884Thomas Adamson1920-1946John Henderson Edgar
1863-1890John Park Alexander1884-1910Robert George Rodger1946-1959Robert Riddock Fisher
1890-1910Alexander Watt    

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