Carrying Out a Graveyard Survey - Guidelines



What to Record

Some Tips

Record Sheets

Drawing a Plan



Worn Stones

Drawing a Plan

Ideally it would be best to complete the plan before the recording of the stones begins but in practice it's more realistic to get started with the recording and work on the plan at the same time.

A schematic plan such as the one we used for the Whittingehame survey is enough to let everyone get on with the recording while the detailed plan is produced.

Once the stones have been numbered as described in the booklet, everyone can get on with their allotted task - recording the stones, plan, photography. If any confusion arises over stone numbers it's easier to change the plan and/or the record sheet than the photograph (which includes the stone number in the shot). Stick the labels well into the ground as close as possible to the stone - they may need to remain there for a long time!

When the plan is complete it's a good idea to walk round the graveyard checking to see if it looks right. This helps to reveal hitherto unseen errors.

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