Drawing a Graveyard Plan




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An important part of a graveyard survey is the drawing of some sort of plan, so that users of the survey can locate any inscriptions or stones of interest.

The methods described here allow a detailed and accurate plan to be produced, but require a lot of time to be devoted to the process. If time is limited, the same principles could be used to produce a less detailed and/or less accurate plan, which would still allow the stones and inscriptions to be found. For example, instead of plotting the exact location of each stone, the lines of the stones could be roughly plotted, with numbered crosses to mark the position of the stones along the lines.

To produce a fully detailed plan manually would require a degree of competence in technical drawing skills, but with the use of a computer and suitable software a high quality result can be more easily achieved.

It is hoped that the ideas described here will give a starting point from which to develop your own method to suit your own skills and individual circumstances.

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