Stone No. 94, Face: Top

To the Memory of
Janet Nisbet
Spouse to Tho Hender
son Tenant in Bogend
who died the 22 of Jan:
1754 aged 52 years
likewise the said
Thomas Henderson
who died the 22 of
March 1762 aged
--- years also
Robert Henderson his son
Farmer [S]lade and Bogend
who died 22d Nov 1802 aged
63 years much regreted also
Catherine Kemp his Spouse
who died at her son, George's
House General Merchant
Garvald upon 23d January
1837 aged 75 year[s].

This inscription was recorded in an earlier survey completed
in 1971 by Miss Jenny Brown and Miss Margaret Warren.
To the memory of Janet Nisbet spouse to Tho. Henderson tenant in Bogend who died the 22nd of June 1754 aged 52 years. Likewise the said Thomas Henderson who died the 22nd March 1762 aged ? years. Also Robert Henderson his son farmer Slade and Bogend who died 22nd Nov. 1802 aged 63 years. Much regreted. Also Catherine Kemp his spouse who died at her son Georges house General Merchant Garvald upon 23rd January 1837 aged 75 years.

In 1759 Thomas Henderson was allocated seat (pew) no. 38 (out of 40) in the kirk for his personal use.

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