Drawing a Graveyard Plan




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Stage 7

Stage 7

Continue the procedure throughout the graveyard, adapting as necessary to suit individual requirements, until the whole graveyard has been surveyed.

Add indicators for the scale and the direction of north, and perhaps a grid reference for the location of the graveyard.


Further details about drawing a graveyard plan can be found in:

'How to Record Scottish Graveyards', by Betty Willsher, 1985, ISBN 0-901352-09-8, published by The Council for Scottish Archaeology.

Rod Neep's website, now part of the Archive CD Books Project has some interesting pages with information about family history, recording monumental inscriptions, drawing plans and making a photographic record.

Making a graveyard plan (The Carved Stones Advisor Project). Download from Fieldwork checklist.

Some simple geometry might help to produce an accurate plan.

Scroll down to see the completed plan.
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stage one of the plan

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